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Featured Brands: PAM, REDDI-WIP

Makes 4 servings


Holiday character shaped pancakes decorated with REDDI-WIP are a fun, festive breakfast that the whole family will enjoy making.


PAM Original No-Stick Cooking Spray
2 cups original pancake and baking mix
1 cup reduced fat (2%) milk
2 eggs
12 ounces fresh raspberries
1/4 cup fresh blueberries
1 can (6.5 oz each) REDDI-WIP Original Dairy Whipped Topping
Semi-sweet chocolate morsels and mini semi-sweet morsels
Pretzel sticks



1.Prepare pancake batter according to package directions. Spray griddle with cooking spray. Heat griddle and cook large round pancakes for Santa faces and small round pancakes for snowmen.

2.TO MAKE SANTA’S FACE: Place a large round pancake on a serving plate. Use raspberries to form a hat, blueberries for eyes, and a raspberry for the nose. Use REDDI-WIP to decorate the hat and make a beard. Serve immediately.

3.TO MAKE A SNOWMAN: Place 3 round pancakes on a serving plate in the shape of a snowman. Use pretzel sticks in the middle pancake to make arms. Cover each pancake with REDDI-WIP. Use blueberries to make buttons, large morsels for eyes, a broken pretzel piece for a nose, and mini morsels for a mouth. Serve immediately.


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