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Holiday Craft Stick Puppets make a fun afternoon craft for family time or a playgroup.



Project Template (CLICK HERE TO PRINT)




Craft Foam Sheet

Elmer’s School Glue

Craft sticks

Creatology Kids Paint Pad

Creatology Basic Craft Case



1.First, CLICK HERE to download and print the templates; then cut out the tree pattern.

2.Trace the tree pattern onto a craft foam sheet. Cut out the traced craft foam, glue a craft stick to the back of the tree to make it a puppet and set aside.

3.Cut out three different sizes of rectangles or squares from craft foam for the presents puppet, glue one craft stick to the back of the three shapes to make it a stacked presents puppet and set aside.

4.Cut out three circles in different sizes of the paint pad paper for the snowman puppet, glue the three circles to make a snowman. Glue one craft stick to the back of the snowman and set aside.

5.Glue items from your craft case to decorate your puppets.


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