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Holiday Card Holder Plaque


Display your holiday cards on this personalized plaque. Have fun making it and enjoy the notes from friends and family all season.


Aleene’s Quick Dry Tacky Glue
4″ Glue Sticks By ArtMinds
Low Temp Mini Glue Gun By Craft Smart
Recollections Craft It Medium Clothespins – Color – Red
Craft Smart Straight Scissors
1 – 11 Pack Green Sisal Christmas Tree by Ashland
1 – 11″ Rectangle Whitewashed Wood Plaque by ArtMinds
1 – 1.5″ Grosgrain Wired Tracking Ribbon by Celebrate It Christmas 
1 – 3mm Jute Cording Value Pack by Celebrate It Christmas 



1.Write a holiday word (or your name) on a piece of paper in pencil. Make it the size you would like for your plaque. If you want to display a lot of cards, keep it a bit smaller.

2.Turn your paper over and scribble pencil lead over where you have written a word (or name) on the front.
TIP: You should be able to see the word lightly through the paper when looking from the back. If not, turn your paper back over and trace over it again but push your pencil into the paper a little harder.

3.Now, lay your paper on top of your plaque, word facing up, where you want it to appear. Trace over the word so the scribbled led on the back lightly transfers your word onto the plaque.

4.Trace the transferred name with glue, place jute over the glue lines. Push it down to make sure the glue bonds with the jute. Let dry.

5.Glue clothespins to the plaque.

6.Glue a miniature tree on top of each clothespin.

7.Finish the project with a ribbon hanger! Cut two long strands of ribbon and hot glue one end of each to the back of the plaque. Tie a bow in the center to hang!

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