Live Music from the North Pole!


Ho Ho Ho!



FloraCraft Make It: Fun Foam Sheets: 12″ x 12″ x 1″ (3)
Acrylic snow textured medium: white
Fabric: plaid
Faux fur trim: white
1-1/2″ white buttons (6)
3/8″ satin ribbon: red
Make It: Fun Foam Tools
Low-temp glue gun
Pallet Knife



1.Use the pallet knife to apply the snow texture to the top and sides of the foam sheets. Allow to dry.

2.Wrap a piece of fabric at an angle around the bottom portion of each foam square as shown. The left side should be about 3″ from the bottom and the right side should be about 6″ from the bottom. Secure the fabric in place to the back of the foam with glue.

3.Use a pencil to lightly write the message “ho, ho, ho” on the foam squares as shown. Use the tuck tool to “trace” the pencil line with ribbon “stitches”. Lay the ribbon onto the foam and place the tuck tool over the ribbon. Push the ribbon into the foam about 1/2″. Measure up the line about 1/2″ and tuck the ribbon in again. Keep going to trace both letters.

4.Glue fur trim along the top of the fabric on the three foam squares.
Thread ribbon through the buttons, trim and glue ribbon ends to the back of the button. Glue the buttons to the top corners of each square. Glue lengths of ribbon to the backs of the foam squares for hangers.


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