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Hey Boo Planters



By Emma Pniewski


Give your indoor planters a touch of fall with this Hey Boo stenciled design. Add the colors of fall to each planter with unique shapes and festive phrases to complete your seasonal decor. Accent with FolkArt Treasure Gold for added shine!


FOLKART Acrylic Colors – Wrought Iron, 2 oz. – 925

FOLKART Acrylic Colors – Titanium White, 2 oz. – 480

FOLKART Treasure Gold Copper, 4 oz. – 5538

FOLKART Brushes – Stencil, Premium, 5/8” – 5076

FOLKART Painting Stencils – Small – Sans Serif Alphabet – 13227

Stencil Tape

4” Clay Pots x 3



1.Paint two of your pots with Titanium White and one of your pots with Wrought Iron. Let dry.

2.Use your stencil tape to mark off 1/3 of your black pot. Paint this 1/3 with Copper Treasure Gold. Let dry.

3.Place your stencils on the center of your black pot so that they spell out “hey boo”. Stencil with Titanium White and let dry.

4.Paint circles on one of your white pots with Treasure Gold Copper. Let dry.

5.Use your stencil tape to mark stripes on your second white pot. Use a flat brush to paint the stripes with Wrought Iron. Let dry.


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