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Walk through the door of this haunted house cookie.


WILTON Foodcrafting supplies

Black Candy Melts Candy (10 ounce needed)

15-1/4″ x 10-1/4″ Cookie Sheet

9″ Angled Spatula

Pre-Assembled Halloween Cookie House Kit (cookie house, decorating bags, tips, ready-to-use black icing, ready-to-use purple icing, mini purple/orange/black candies used)

Meringue Powder

Royal Icing (recipe available at

Disposable Decorating Bags

Icing Colors–Orange and Golden Yellow

Halloween Mega Sprinkles Set (nonpareils used)

Halloween Skulls and Bones Sprinkles (bones sprinkles used)




1.Prepare Royal Icing. Divide icing and tint 1/4 cup orange and 1/4 cup yellow; reserve remaining white.

2.Decorate windows.

3.Attach bone sprinkles to front of house using white icing.

4.Stripe decorating bag with white, orange and yellow icing. Cut a small hole in bag, outline and fill in windows.

5.Use spatula to smooth icing and marbleize colors. Use black icing included in kit to outline windows, one at a time.

6.Attach jimmies sprinkles with the tweezers. Use black icing to outline house seams and pipe “x’s” on seams.

7.Decorate door. Use black icing included in kit and a round tip to outline and fill in door; smooth with spatula. Use toothpick to mark icing with wood grain pattern.

8.Attach mini orange candy for doorknob.

9.Make candy roof shingles. Melt black Candy Melts candy according to package directions. Pour into cookie sheet. Tap pan to smooth candy and remove air bubbles.

10.Chill 30 to 45 minutes. Mark short lines on candy with tip of spatula. Break into shards 2″ long. Set aside.

11.Decorate roof. Begin at the bottom edge of one side of roof; attach candy pieces with remaining black icing. Overlap pieces and move upwards. Repeat for second side of roof. Attach shards to roof peak.

12.Decorate bottom of house. Use purple icing included in kit to attach mini candies included in kit to bottom of house.


Find this recipe and more treats at