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Happy Birthday To You Banner Cake



This birthday cake is sure to impress, but it’s so simple to make in just a few hours. The bright color combinations make it super festive and fun…just ready for a celebration.


8” x 3″ Round pan

Cooling grid

6 Cell jimmies sprinkle mix

Happy Birthday silicone mold

Candy Melts candy: bright pink, vibrant green, turquoise, orange, yellow, blue, violet, red, royal blue, bright white

Spatulas: 11″ straight, 13″ angled

Icing colors: Royal Blue, Kelly Green, Black, Lemon Yellow, Golden Yellow, Rose, Christmas Red, Leaf Green, Violet, Orange

Disposable decorating bags

Parchment triangles

Decorating tips: 1M (2 needed), 4B (6 needed)

Favorite cake recipe or mix




1.Bake your cake in a 8” x 3” round pan. Let cool completely and ice cake. Use large angled spatula and white icing to make cake smooth.



1.Melt bright white candy. Put candy in parchment bag and pipe into mold, covering circle, but not letter area. Tap mold to smooth. Chill 10 minutes to set. Melt remaining candy and place in separate bags

2.Pipe candy in molds, alternating colors. Chill 10 to 15 minutes to set, remove from molds.



1.Divide 1/4 cup icing into separate bowls and tint as follows: Bright Pink, Vibrant Green, Turquoise, Orange, Yellow, Blue, and Violet. Use color combinations to achieve specific colors.

Combine Rose and Royal Blue for Bright Pink shown

Combine Leaf Green and Lemon Yellow for Vibrant Green shown

Combine Royal Blue and Kelly Green for Turquoise shown

Combine Orange and Christmas Red for Orange shown

Combine Lemon Yellow and Golden Yellow for Yellow shown

Combine Royal Blue and Violet for Blue shown

Combine Violet and Christmas Red for Violet shown

Combine Royal Blue and Black for Dark Blue shown



1.Position candy on cake. Add sprinkles around top border. Place tinted icings separately in 8 disposable decorating bags with tips 1M and 4B. Pipe star bottom border, alternating colors and sizes of stars.


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