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Happy Birthday Script Wrap


Happy birthday script wrap


Cricut Explore Air 2 Wisteria Bundle
Cricut Design Space software & Cricut Access
Cricut 12″x 12″ Standard Grip mat
Cricut Wisteria Pen Set
Cricut Tools, Weeder
Black Paper
Purple Paper
Silver Glitter Paper
White Gift Wrap Paper
Purple Ribbon


Go to Design Space Link

This project makes one 4″ Happy Birthday Balloon tag and custom drawn 12″x 12″ gift wrap.

First, make the wrapping paper. Load the wisteria pen into accessory clamp A. Add the gift wrap to your Mat.

Follow instructions in Design Space to draw Happy Birthday” on the wrapping paper. This will be Mat 1 in your project.

On Mat 2, add the silver glitter paper. On Mat 3, add purple paper. On Mat 4, add black paper.

Follow the instructions in Design Space to cut designs from each mat.

Use the weeder to remove the unwanted pieces from the balloon from Mat 3.
Assemble the happy birthday balloon. The black piece is the back, then adhere the silver glitter solid piece, centered in the middle of the black backer. Finish with adhering the purple cut happy birthday balloon on top.

Wrap gift with gift wrap. Tie purple ribbon around the package and adhere the happy birthday balloon on top.

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