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Hanging Hearts Cut-Paper Quilt


Blend the honored tradition of quilt-making with brand new technology! Use CRAYOLA Scissors to create beautiful paper decorations that express your love.


CRAYOLA Construction Paper
Bamboo Skewers
Self-Adhesive Foam Dots
CRAYOLA Scissors
Hole Punch


1.Begin your decorative paper quilt by deciding how many squares to use and how big you’d like them. Use CRAYOLA Scissors to cut out these background papers.

2.Next, cut shapes to fit your theme, such as different types and colors of hearts. Decorate some of each design the same so that when you alternate them you have a patchwork pattern.

3.Cut out some shapes and then make smaller shapes inside. You can cut little designs out of solid pieces and use the leftover pieces as a design on something else! Use peel-off foam dots to stick your pieces together to create fun 3-D effects on each quilt square.

4.Arrange the squares in your quilt pattern. Measure the top edge. Use a section of cardboard roll, strip of cardboard, or dowel stick for a hanger.

5.Use a hole punch to make holes along the edges. Lace the pieces together and on the hanger with yarn.


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