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Makes 1 advent calendar


Craft a sweet countdown to Christmas with this DIY Advent calendar. It’s easy to assemble, and the activities on the back of each card are a perfect way to start new holiday traditions.

Hanging chalk or cork board


Hot glue gun and glue (adult supervision required)

Printable activity cards (CLICK HERE)


Medium tipped marker

25 small paper bags

Hershey Holiday Candy (your favorite)



1.Lay the chalk or cork board flat and space twine evenly in five rows. Use the hot glue gun to fix the twine in place.

2.CLICK HERE to print the 25 activity cards; cut out. Use the marker to number each one from 1 to 25 and write a fun holiday activity on the back!

3.Fill the paper bags with a few pieces of your favorite Hershey’s holiday candy, like REESE’S Bells, HERSHEY’S Peppermint Bark Bells, or KISSES Milk Chocolates in Holiday Foils.

4.Fold the opening of each bag down and use a clothespin to clip each bag to an activity card and the twine. Repeat with all bags until each is attached to the calendar.

5.Take one down every day to count down to the holidays with a piece of candy and a fun activity.


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