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Hang the stocking and eat it too.


Wilton food crafting supplies
Rolling Pin
18-pc. Holiday Metal Cutter Set (stocking cutter used)
15-1/4″ x 10-1/4″ Cookie Sheet
14-1/2″ x 20″ Cooling Grid
Meringue Powder
Royal Icing (1 recipe needed; recipe available at
Color Right & trade; Performance Color System (see Colors Tinted below)
Disposable Decorating Bags
Decorating Tip 3 (two needed)
Decorating Tip 2 (one needed)
Color; Edible Food Spray, Black
5-Pk. FoodWriter; Edible Color Markers, Fine Tip, Primary Colors
Favorite roll-out cookie dough recipe
Craft acetate sheet, 5″ x 5″
Craft knife
Cutting board
Plastic ruler

Use Color Right base colors and QuickCount™ color formulas to tint the following shade:
Crimson Red: 1 cup white icing + 20 R + 10 C
Black: 1/4 cup white icing + 10 BK
Reserve remaining white icing.


1.Bake cookies. Prepare cookie dough per recipe. Roll out dough and cut shapes. Bake and cool.

2.Make and tint icing. Make one recipe royal icing following recipe directions. Follow formula listed to tint icing.

3.Decorate cookies. Use tip 3 and full-strength red icing to outline stocking; use a cut decorating bag to flow in with thinned red icing. Allow to dry 4 hours.

4.Make stencil. Use black FoodWriter edible color marker to draw six 1/4″ wide stripes, spaced 1/2″ apart, on acetate sheet. Cut out stripes with craft knife.

5.Stencil color on cookies. Position stencil on an angle on cookies; hold stencil in place and spray with black Color Mist edible food spray. Clean off stencil after spraying each cookie to prevent smearing. Allow to dry 10 minutes.

6.Decorate details on cookies. Use tip 2 and full-strength black icing to pipe horizontal and vertical lines. Use tip 3 and full-strength white icing to pipe zigzags on top of each stocking. allow to dry 4 hours.


Find this recipe and more holiday treats at