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Hand-Painted Flower Eggs



These hand-painted wooden eggs are sure to be a favorite decor year after year. Get creative using these pretty pastel paints, or customize to match your décor.



Multi-Surface Premium Satin Acrylic Paint by CRAFT SMART: White, Spring Leaf, Pink Bliss, Crisp Blue, Lilac Blossom, Tropical Sun

White Synthetic Brushes by ARTIST’S LOFT NECESSITITES

Paper Plate (or Paint Palette)

8-count Wooden Eggs by ARTMINDS



1.Paint the wooden eggs white and let dry. Add additional coasts of white paint, until the desired coverage is achieved.

2.Paint flowers on the eggs.

TIP: To do this, make small circular swirls of paint with your paintbrush to make the flowers. Add white to the paint to add dimension to the flowers. Add middles to the flowers, then add leaves.

3.Add smaller flower shapes, or dots, around the main flowers.

4.Add stems and branches using the green paint.


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