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This Halloween Ribbon Banner will enhance your mantel with a variety of ribbons. Create a custom look for your home!


1 3/8″ Black Halloween Ribbon by Celebrate It (Item 10663474)

1 2.5″ Black & White Halloween Ribbon by Celebrate It (Item 10664072)

1 2.5″ Orange Halloween Ribbon by Celebrate It (Item10664094)

Ashland Jute Twine, Ivory

Loops & Threads Straight Scissors


1.With scissors, cut ribbon pieces from each style of ribbon the length you desire for a garland; set aside.

2.Now, cut any wide ribbons in half for a better hang.

3.Cut a long piece of jute to be your main garland base.

4.Tie a lark’s head knot for each ribbon onto the jute base. To do this, simply fold the ribbon in half and place the folded area under the jute. Lift the two tails of ribbon and place them through the loop on the other side of the jute. Pull to tighten the knot. Continue until the garland is full
and as long as desired!

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