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Crate Halloween Craft!


Unfinished large wood crate

Home Decor chalk paint, 1 bottle each: Maui Sand, Sheepskin

Packet of DCWV Hats, Cats & Bats

Packet of DCWV Halloween paper

Bottle of white chalk paint

Bottle of black acrylic paint

Small brush

Glue stick

2″ wide rough paintbrush

Bottle of E6000 glue

Bottle of Mod Podge – matte finish

3″ x 24″ x 3/8″ board

5″ x 7″ wood plaque

Tim Holtz small brown burlap canvas

Small hand saw

Wide, spidery like ribbon or burlap ribbon, one white & one black (2 pieces)

Cutting surface


X-Acto knife

Sand paper


1.Completely paint the wooden crate covering all of the surfaces with the Maui Sand paint and allow it to dry.

2.Using the 2″ rough brush, lightly paint the crate with the Sheepskin paint allowing the color from below to show through using a dry brush technique, no water added. Allow it tp dry.

3.Using the small handsaw cut the 3″ board to the length of 7″.

4.Paint the edges of both of the pieces of wood and allow them to dry.

5.Dry brush the Sheepskin paint onto the brown burlap canvas sparingly and allow it to dry.

6.Select two background papers for the front of the plaques.

7.Cover the surface of each wooden plaque with Mod Podge and firmly press the sheet of paper onto the wooden plaques. Allow them to dry.

8.Sand the fronts and sides of the wooden plaques to make them appear old and distressed.

9.Using your x-acto knife of scissors trim off the excess paper on the wooden plaques.

10.Select 3 different colors of black paper with patterns on them.

11.Draw out the letters, B, O, and O on the front of the papers and then cut them out using the X-Acto knife and cutting surface.

12.Using a glue stick glue the letters to the front of each plaque.

13.Tie the ribbons to the corner of one of the letters and snip the ends of the ribbons.


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