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Instead of a simple candy dish, add an extra layer of fun for the costumed kiddos. Spin a web of candy and prizes, plus a few spiders


8 Dowel rods

Black craft paint

Black yarn


Packing tape or clothespins

Spider decorations

your favorite Hershey Halloween candy


1.Paint dowel rods and let them dry.

2.Secure rods together in a star formation using yarn to join them at the middle.

3.Beginning in the center, tie yarn in a knot around one rod, then connect it to the next stick, looping over one and under the next as you form the web. Pull tightly as you go to stabilize the rods. Work outward and tie off when you reach the end of the rods.

4.Loop plastic tape (sticky side out) between the yarn and attach the candy. You can also use clothespins.

5.Don’t forget to add a few spiders.


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