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Put a sweet and scary spin on bingo with this free, printable Halloween-themed game board. With HERSHEY’S KISSES Chocolates as the markers, everyone wins.


Fall HERSHEY’S Miniatures

KISSES Milk Chocolate Spooky Foils

KISSES Milk Chocolate Harvest Foils

2 Bowls for holding tiles

Printable Halloween bingo cards

Printable Halloween bingo chips


1.Using a serrated knife, cut a foam craft pumpkin in half vertically. Cut behind the “stem,” leaving plenty of room to form your candy dish. You’ll use the half that still has the stem attached.

2.Draw the outline of your jack-o-lantern face in pencil. You’ll use the outline to carve the face into the pumpkin.

3.Use a utility knife to cut out the face of your jack-o-lantern. Make sure the mouth is big enough to hold all your candy!

4.Using the hot glue gun, secure the carved pumpkin to the poster board. Then, glue the poster board to the craft frame.

5.Hot glue twine to the back of the frame to create a hanger for your pumpkin. Write a Halloween message on the poster if you’d like.

6.Fill the dish with candy and hang it from your door or wall.


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