Live Music from the North Pole!



Is that a reindeer prancing on your roof? Now you can make your own herd of reindeer to decorate your tree or holiday packages with this Hairpin Reindeer craft.


CRAYOLA Chenille Stems

CRAYOLA Washable Paint

CRAYOLA Construction Paper

Recycled Materials



CRAYOLA No-Run School Glue

CRAYOLA Super Tips Markers

CRAYOLA Scissors



Craft Stick



1.Cover your work area with recycled newspaper. Cut brown chenille sticks in half using CRAYOLA Scissors. Wrap pieces around hairpins to form reindeer antlers. Lay forms flat on a recycled plastic container lid.

2.Pour your CRAYOLA School Glue into a small paper cup. Add a few drops of brown CRAYOLA Washable Kid’s Paint and mix thoroughly. Pour the mixture inside hairpins to form reindeer heads. Dry.

3.Pour glue (without paint) between the antlers. Dry. Add a second coat of glue if needed. Dry. Gently lift reindeer off the plastic lid.

4.Using CRAYOLA Washable Supertips Fine Line Markers, draw lines for antlers and eyes. Cut red construction paper for the reindeer’s nose and glue on. Add ribbon or yarn to hang.


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