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Thanksgiving is the perfect time to share all that you are grateful for and this Grateful Leaf Banner Sign is the perfect decor for the holidays.


Leaf Template (CLICK HERE)
Wood Pallet Plaque by Make Market, 17” x 11”x 0.6”
White Chalky Paint
Graphite Paper by Craft Smart
Chisel Tip Multi-Surface Premium Paint Pen by Craft Smart, Gold
Smooth Solid Paper 12” x 12” by Recollections, Burgundy or various colors
Loops & Threads Straight Scissors *ADULT SUPERVISION REQUIRED
Craft Jute
Craft Smart Mini Glue Gun, Low Temp and glue sticks *ADULT SUPERVISION REQUIRED
Creatology Mini Wood Clothespins



1.CLICK HERE to download and print template; set aside.  

2.Paint the wood surface with white chalky paint. Let dry, and paint another coat.  

3.Once the second coat has dried, use a pencil to lightly trace your word on the bottom half of the wood surface. Place graphite paper face down onto the surface, place the printed word on top, and trace over the lines with a pencil. Remove the papers and the word will be transferred onto the surface. 

TIP: If desired, you can also free-hand write your own message.

3.Trace over the pencil lettering with a Gold paint marker. Let dry.  

4.Cut out the leaf patterns and trace them onto cardstock. Cut out six leaves total from three different colors.  

5.Color 1/3 of the pointed end of each leaf with a Gold paint marker. Let dry. 

6.Cut a piece of jute long enough to hang horizontally across the plaque, with some extra length to wrap around the edges. 

7.Hot glue each end of the jute on the back side of the wood surface. Start about 1/2 inch from the top on the left side and stretch across to about a ½" from the top on the right. Allow the center of the jute to hang about 1″ to 1 1/2″ from the top.  

8.Use clothespins to clip the leaf cutouts from their stems, and hang across the jute. 


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