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Golden Rainbow Cupcakes


Favorite cake mix or recipe (4 1/2 cups batter needed for 24 cupcakes)
Buttercream Icing Recipe (link to recipe online)
Blue Icing Pouch with Tips
Green Icing Pouch with Tips
Orange Icing Pouch with Tips
Red Icing Pouch with Tips
Yellow Icing Pouch with Tips
Pearlized Gold Sugar Sprinkles
Muffin pan
White standard baking cups
Cooling grid
9″ angled spatula
Disposable decorating bags
Star Decorating Tip 21



1.Bake cupcakes.

2.Prepare cake batter following recipe instructions.

3.Bake and cool cupcakes in white cupcake liners. Ice cupcakes.

4.Prepare buttercream icing following recipe instructions.

5.Using spatula, ice cupcakes smooth using white icing. Decorate cupcakes. Prepare decorating bag with tip 21.

6.Stripe decorating bag using blue, green, orange, red and yellow icings. Pipe rainbow arch on each cupcake. Sprinkle gold sprinkles on both ends of rainbow.

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