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Glittered Holiday Gift Tag


Make your tags glitter!



Advantus/Sulyn Extra Fine Glitter Stacker: 24 Karat, Sterling, Ruby, Emerald, Chocolate Diamond
Advantus Sulyn Glitter Glue, Gold
Assorted sizes of double-sided tape
Brown craft gift tag
Brown craft paper
3 boxes – assorted sizes
Craft paintbrush
Moss/bark wrap
Faux berry embellishments
Ribbon: burlap, red
Jute cord
Butterfly embellishment
Reindeer stencil
Craft glue
Hot glue gun & glue sticks
Craft knife



Plaid Gift Box

1.Paint sides of box with craft glue, cover with 24 Karat glitter. Allow to dry.

2.Make a plaid pattern on box lid by using various widths of double-sided tape. Place one tape strip at a time & glitter with Emerald, 24 Karat or Chocolate Diamond glitter.

3.Use a pencil to trace reindeer onto gift tag using stencil.

4.Brush tag with glue inside deer shape & sprinkle with Ruby glitter. Allow to dry.
Tie burlap ribbon around package, securing tag.

5.Brush faux berry embellishments with glue & sprinkle with Ruby glitter, allow to dry. Tuck under burlap ribbon to secure.

Reindeer Gift Box

1.Wrap small box in brown craft paper.

2.To print the deer template, click on the “Download Project PDF” button (above). Print out the template enlarging to approximately 4-3/4″x3-3/4″.

3.Create stencil by cutting out inside of deer shape using craft knife.
Center stencil on gift box and fill in shape with craft glue.

4.Sprinkle with 24 Karat glitter. Allow to dry.
Tie jute cord around package.

Nature-themed Gift Box

1.Cover stick with glue, sprinkle with Sterling glitter. Allow to dry.

2.Paint glue onto butterfly, cover with Chocolate Diamond Glitter. Allow to dry.
Outline wings with Gold glitter glue. Allow to dry.

3.Wrap package in brown craft paper. Wrap with moss/bark wrap, secure with hot glue.

4.Tie red ribbon around package securing glittered stick.

5.Glue butterfly on top of ribbon.


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