Live Music from the North Pole!


Makes 12 servings


You don’t need a rainbow to find a pot of gold…instead, surprise guests with marshmallow goodies hidden inside this delicious St. Patty’s Day cake.


2 boxes PILLSBURY FUNFETTI Vanilla Premium Cake Mix

Additional ingredients to prepare cake mix per package instructions

2 tubs PILLSBURY FUNFETTI Vanilla Flavored Frosting

2 tubs PILLSBURY FUNFETTI Vibrant Green Vanilla Flavored Frosting

1 cup marshmallow cereal

Shamrock cookie cutter, optional*



1.Prepare cake mix according to package instructions for four 8-inch round cakes. Cool completely. Optional: Level cakes with a serrated knife to remove rounded tops of cakes.

2.Cut out a 4-inch circle in the center of two of the cake layers, using a round cookie cutter, large glass or biscuit cutter. Enjoy the circles cut out for a quick snack or discard. 

3.Place the first cake round without a circle cut in the middle as the base layer of the cake. Frost with FUNFETTI Vanilla frosting. Add cake around with circle cut out and frost. Repeat with second cake layer with a circle cut out. Pour in marshmallow cereal into the cake cavity and press lightly to pack in cereal. Add the last cake layer without a circle cut out. Frost the outside of the cake with FUNFETTI Vibrant Green frosting. Serve immediately 


*Optional: Place a shamrock cookie cutter lightly on top of the cake. Pour on sprinkles from FUNFETTI Vibrant Green frosting container and remove cutter. Decorate cake with rest of sprinkles as desired.


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