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Fun With Fondant: “Party On” Cake



This cake has a few steps, but it’s well worth it. The cute design will WOW your birthday party guests and add some extra fun to your celebration.


WILTON FOODWRITER Edible Color Markers, Neon

WILTON Cake Circle, 10 in.


WILTON Icing Color, Royal Blue

WILTON Icing Color, Black

WILTON Icing Color, Leaf Green

WILTON Icing Color, Lemon Yellow

WILTON Icing Color,Teal

WILTON Icing Color, Kelly Green

WILTON Icing Color, Rose

WILTON Icing Color, Violet

WILTON Icing Color, Orange

WILTON Icing Color, Red

WILTON Icing Color, Sky Blue

WILTON Ready-To-Use Gum Paste

WILTON Rolling Pin Guide Rings

WILTON Cupcake Corer/Spatula

Cooking Rack by CELEBRATE IT

Favorite Cake Batter Recipe or Mix

Vegetable Shortening




Measuring Spoons

Measuring Cups

Measuring Bowls

WILTON Silicone Mold – Word Banner

WILTON Straight Spatula 11”

WILTON Angled Spatula 13”

WILTON Ribbon Cutter Thin

WILTON Decorating Brush Set

WILTON Fondant Roller, 20”


WILTON Fondant Smoother

WILTON Fondant Trimmer




You will need ten cups of cake batter for this project.

To get icing colors featured in the project, combine:

Royal Blue and Black icing colors to get Dark Navy Blue color

Leaf Green and Lemon Yellow icing colors to get Lime Green color

Teal and Kelly Green icing colors to get Dark Teal color

Rose and Violet icing colors to get Medium Pink and Dark Pink colors

Violet and Rose icing colors to get Purple color

Orange and Red-Red icing colors to get Orange color

Kelly Green and Black icing colors to get Dark Green color.


NOTE: Two days in advance, make batter.

2.Brush banner mold with vegetable shortening. Press 2 oz. gum paste into mold. Remove and let dry on cornstarch-dusted board. 

3.Bake and cool two 3” cake layers. Level, fill, and stack for 6-inch high cake. Prepare cake for fondant covering.

4.Using 20” fondant roller with orange guide rings, roll out 48 oz. white fondant; cover cake. 

5.Tint 8 oz. fondant for each: Dark Navy Blue, Lime Green, and Dark Teal, using color combinations provided. Using Sky Blue icing color, tint additional 8 oz. fondant light blue. 

6.Using fondant roller with orange guide rings, roll out each color into strip measuring 26” long. 

7.Using ribbon cutter, cut one strip of each color.

8.Using damp brush, wet back of each strip; attach to cake (Dark Navy Blue and Sky Blue on bottom, Teal and Lime Green on top). Reserve remaining fondant for later step.

9.Tint 2 oz. fondant each Medium Pink, Purple, Orange, Dark Pink, and Dark Green, using color combinations provided.

10.Using fondant roller with blue guide rings, separately roll out all fondant colors, as well as remaining Dark Navy Blue, Sky Blue, Dark Teal, and Lime Green fondant.

11.Using small end of tip 10, cut out 34 dots in each color. Wet backs of dots and attach to cake, 1/2 inch apart, alternating colors. 

12. Gently brush cornstarch on back of dried banner.

13.Using FOODWRITER markers, write message on banner.

14.Melt 1 oz. CANDY MELTS candy, following package instructions.

15.Attach cookie sticks to back of banner using melted CANDY MELTS candy. 

16.Chill until set, about 10 to 15 minutes.

17. Position on cake.


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