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Makes 4 pudding cups


Featured Brand: SNACK PACK


Chocolate and vanilla pudding cups are topped with crushed cookies and decorated with a cookie ‘moon’ and candy pumpkins for full moon pumpkin patch pudding cups. Recipe developed by blogger Rachel Rockwell of Bubbly Nature Creations.


8 chocolate sandwich cookies, divided
4 pudding cups (5.5 oz each) Super SNACK PACK Chocolate Vanilla Pudding
Small candy pumpkins
Green decorating icing



1.Carefully twist apart 4 cookies; reserve cream halves. Crush 4 plain halves and remaining 4 cookies.

2.Top pudding evenly with crushed cookies. Insert a cream half in one corner of each pudding cup for the moon.

3.Place candy pumpkins and green icing to resemble vines on top of crushed cookies. Serve immediately.


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