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Frosted Lamb Cupcakes


Makes 24 cupcakes

Cute little lambs…perfect for a party, Easter, or any themed event.



1 box PILLSBURY Moist Supreme Yellow Cake Mix, or your favorite variety Additional ingredients to prepare cake mix per package instructions

1 tub PILLSBURY Creamy Supreme White Frosting

24 white candy melts

Black food coloring

Pink food coloring

12 mini marshmallows

Star tip



1.Prepare cake mix according to package instructions using water, oil, and egg whites to make 24 cupcakes. Cool completely.

2.Paint gel food coloring as eyes and nose onto an unmelted candy wafer; set aside to dry. Cut mini marshmallows in half, shape into a diamond.

3.Place a small, closed star tip into a piping bag. Fill the bag with frosting. Pipe small stars around the cupcake. Place the “face” into the center. Place the marshmallows on each side of the “face.”


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