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This glittered gift holder is a perfectly unique packaging idea for the holidays.


1 Scotch General Purpose Masking Tape
1 Paper Shred By Celebrate It, 4oz. – Color: White
Foam Brush, 1″



1. Add a strip of the masking tape around the outside of the galvanized bucket, masking off the area you don’t want to cover with glitter. Rub the tape gently to make sure it’s secure to the bucket.

2. Using the foam brush, brush the Mod Podge onto a small area where you would like the glitter to be.

3. Gently sprinkle the glitter onto the brushed Mod Podge

4. Repeat Steps 2 and 3 until you have covered the masked-off area of your bucket. Let dry.

5. Remove the masking tape.

6. Fill the bucket with the white crinkle shred, and then add your gift.

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