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Frankenstein Crispy Treats



Bring some spooky fun to your Halloween party with these Frankenstein Crispy Treats. Dress up your favorite treats in a snap with Color Mist food color spray, Candy Melts candy, and candy eyeballs. Fun for the family to help decorate!


Your favorite crispy rice treat recipe

Green Color Mist Food Color Spray

Black Candy Melts

Candy Eyeballs



1.Prepare crispy treat as directed in your recipe. Press in greased pan and let cool.

2.Cut into 2″ x 3″ rectangles about 1-inch thick.

3.Spray with green Color Mist food color spray and allow to dry.

4.Melt Candy Melts candy in decorating bag according to package instructions. Cut approximately 1/2 inch off end of bag and pipe on hair, eyebrows, and mouth.

5.Using remaining melted candy, attach candy eyeballs to front of treat and black spice drops to sides.

6.Chill to set 5 to10 minutes.


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