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Flying Ghost Stick Puppet

From Crayola

Ghouls just want to have fun! Make a fab-boo-lous Flying Ghost Stick Puppet & paper plate craft, then spook, scare, and play.




CRAYOLA Washable Paint

CRAYOLA Take Note permanent Markers

CRAYOLA Glitter Glue

Paper Plates

CRAYOLA Scissors

CRAYOLA Paint Brushes

CRAYOLA No-Run School Glue

CRAYOLA Metallic Markers

Craft Stick



1.Turn plate upside-down. Sketch landscape scene, ghost, and moon.

2.Cut out ghost and moon completely. Cut out landscape, keeping rim of plate intact.

3.Paint upside-down plate, moon, a craft stick, and right-side-up plate. Dry 1 to 2 hours. Add second coat. Dry 1 to 2 hours.

4.Draw spooky background elements on right-side-up plate with permanent marker.

5.Glue rim of right-side-up plate, leaving 3 to 4-inch unglued at bottom of plate. Press upside-down plate on top to secure.

6.Add glitter glue stars to background. Let all glue steps dry 3 to 4 hours.

7.Draw details on landscape with metallic markers.

8.Draw face on ghost with permanent marker.

9.Glue ghost to craft stick.

10.Glue moon to top plate. Let all glue steps dry 1 to2 hours.

11.Gently pull apart unglued section of plates. Place craft stick inside and move around to watch your ghost fly through the sky!


-Little hands may need help cutting out the paper plate landscape scen

-If you don’t have a craft stick at home, substitute an upcycled popsicle stick instead.

-Create more stick puppets to fly through your scene, like a bat, witch, or zombie!


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