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Flower Pencil Toppers



Think spring with these cute and easy Flower Pencil Toppers made from Model Magic.


CRAYOLA Model Magic

CRAYOLA Glitter glue

Flower Pot

Measuring Spoons


CRAYOLA Colored Pencils

CRAYOLA Washable Paint

Disposable Cup

Craft Sticks

Disposable Plate



1.Make a pencil holder. Pour paint into a disposable cup and mix with 1 tsp water, stirring with a craft stick until smooth. Repeat with 2-3 other colors.

2.Place a disposable cup upside-down on a disposable plate, and place the flower pot upside-down on top of the cup. Pour paint mixtures on top of flower pot, letting the paint drip down the sides. Let dry 3-4 hours.

3.Create flower petals and leaves with Model Magic.

4.Roll a piece of Model Magic into a ball so that it is approximately 1” in diameter. Form the ball around the end of a colored pencil. Press the flowers and leaves against the ball to attach.

5.Accent the flowers and leaves with glitter glue. Let dry overnight.

6.Place colored pencils with Flower Pencil Toppers into the pencil holder and display!



-When pouring paint onto your flower pot, alternate colors for a blended effect.

-Model Magic pieces that haven’t dried will easily adhere to one another. For added strength, or to attach dried pieces of Model Magic together, use No-Run Washable School Glue. 


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