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Flower Handprint Plaque


Flower power! Brighten up anyone’s day with handprint art when making this Flower Handprint Plaque…perfect as a DIY gift for grandparents, parents, or anyone special.



CRAYOLA Acrylic Paint

CRAYOLA Washable Paint

Wood Plaque

CRAYOLA Paint Brush

CRAYOLA Take Note Permanent Markers




1.Cover wood plaque in white acrylic paint. Dry t to 2 hours.

2.Lightly sketch desired message on plaque.

3.Trace over sketch with washable paint. Add multiple coats, if needed.

4.Paint hand with washable paint and stamp onto plaque. Repeat for each child’s hand.

5.Add stems under handprints with washable paint.

6.Dip pinky into washable paint and stamp into center of handprints. Let all paint steps dry 1 to 2 hours.

7.Write each child’s name next to respective flower with markers.

8.Give the colorful plaque as a handmade gift!


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