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Flannel Mini Tree Garland



String this garland around a staircase banister, on the tree, or in doorway. No matter where you decide, the garland will add some Christmas cheer to any room.


4′ pom pom garland

2′ smaller pom poms for tree decor

Tree Pattern (CLICK HERE for pattern)

10″ x10″ pieces of fabric (that will be folded into 5×5, front and back) for each tree, total of 9



Needle & thread



1.Use your tree pattern to cut out front and back pieces for 9 trees (18 pieces total).

2.Placing the right sides of the trees together, sew a 1/4″ seam around the edges, leaving approx. 1 1/2″ open.

3.Flip the trees RS out.

4.Fill the trees with Poly-fil.

5.Hand sew with an invisible stitch to close up all 9 trees.

6.Cut your smaller pom poms into tiny pieces that can resemble garland and add to as many trees as desired.

7.Backstitch these pieces along the side seams of the trees (you don’t need to sew along the entire length of the tiny garland, just the sides to hold it in place).

8.Hand backstitch the top of your trees to the large pom-pom garland about every 5″.



Before you flip the trees RS out, trim the seams down around the points of the trees for less bulk.

When you flip the trees RS out you may need to use the end of a thin pen or pencil to get the corners pushed out all the way.

You might need to trim back some of the large pom poms from the garland to more easily get your trees to fit.


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