Live Music from the North Pole!


Make your cake explode!



Twelve different colorful scrapbook papers [mix and match prints and solids in the same palette]
Metallic chenille stems [gold or silver pipe cleaners]
3/16″x 12″ wood dowels
Double-stick tape [optional]
Glue gun



To find the downloadable pattern click on the “GET PATTERNS” tab above.

Print the patterns provided, cut rockets and cone toppers from a variety of scrapbook papers.

Roll each rocket body, hot glue the overlapping area indicated.

Roll each rocket cone, hot glue the overlapping area indicated.

Hot glue each rocket cone to its rocket body.

Hot glue a wood dowel 3″ inside of each rocket.

Hot glue three pipe cleaners to the wood dowel of each rocket.

Curly curl the pipe cleaners. Enjoy the rockets’ red glare!

Use double-stick tape to reinforce the glue area of heavier or stiffer papers.
Try some metallic papers.

Heavier papers are more easily glued if you roll them first, gently stretching the paper fibers before gluing.

Great for a centerpiece or party favor.

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