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Makes 6 pretzel rods


Fun for the family, these festive pretzel rods are easy to make and even better to eat! Pop a few in a cellophane bag and hand them out as holiday party favors at your Christmas dinner.


10″x 16″ cooling grid

Cake board

Parchment paper

CANDY MELTS Candy: Red, Bright White, Dark Green

12-count candy decorating bags

Christmas sprinkles

Pretzel rods


Parchment paper

Melting tray (optional)

Bag ties (optional)



1.Separately melt each color of Candy Melts candy following package directions. Place melted candy into separate decorating bags. (Optional: to help keep bags closed use bag ties. Keep candy warm on warming tray.)

2.Place pretzel rods (one at a time) on cooling grid over parchment paper. Cut 1/4″ off end of bags. Beginning at one end, pipe stripes of candy on pretzels in this order: red, white, green, white. Continue alternating colors, leaving about 3 1/2″ to 4″ of bare pretzel at bottom. Tap gently to smooth out candy.

3.Use tweezers to immediately apply sprinkles to white candy only. Set aside on parchment-covered board. Repeat with more pretzel rods. After about 5 to 6 treats, refrigerate for 10 minutes to set. Repeat steps until desired number of treats are made.


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