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Felt Heart Ornament



Heart Felt Ornaments


Felt squares – pink, white & red
Pearl cotton
Small amount of fiberfill
Pinking shears
Hand sewing needle

Cut one back piece from desired color of felt with pinking shears.
Cut one front from contrasting felt.
Cut out the small heart shape in the front piece.
Cut a piece of contrasting felt a little larger than the cut out to fit behind the opening. Pin in place.
Use one strand of pearl cotton and stitch all around heart.
Pin the front to the back and using one strand of pearl cotton and stitch all around heart leaving an opening at the end and lightly stuff ornament.
Continue stitching ornament closed.
Make a bow from a length of pearl cotton and tack onto heart.
Tack a length of cotton in a loop to the back for a hanger.

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