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Felt Bunny Tags



These little bunny tags are perfect for Easter baskets, birthday party gift tags, or just a fun afternoon craft.


10″ x 4″ wood tag

Wood flower shape

Felt in choice of colors

1″ & 2″ poms in choice of colors

20mm wiggle eyes or larger of choice

Chenille stems


Glue stick

Low temp hot glue gun and hot glue stick




1.Remove jute hanger. Choose felt for each tag. Use a glue stick to cover the front of the tag, place felt onto the tag and press firmly in place. Trim off excess felt with scissors.

2.Use the point of the scissors to poke the felt at the top for the jute hanger.

3.Fold jute in half and push through the hole and tie ends together.

4.Twist the center of 2 chenille stems together and glue onto the center of the tag.

5.Hot glue two 2″ poms over the chenille stems, along with a 1″ pom nose and the wiggle eyes.

6.Cut two 9″ x 2″ long felt ovals for the ears and 8″ x 1 1/2″ contrasting color felt ovals for the inner lining of the ears. Glue pieces together. Fold top portion over and glue each ear to the back of the tag.

7.Use glue stick to cover flower, cover with felt, and press firmly in place. Trim off excess felt.

OPTIONAL: Use wood flower as a template on felt.

Trace shape with a pencil and cut out. Glue flower to one side at top of the tag.


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