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Father’s Day Fun



Find some Father’s Day Fun!…show your Dad’s colorful character in handmade Neon Color Explosion cards!


CRAYOLA Neon Color Explosion Construction Paper

CRAYOLA Glue Stick


CRAYOLA Scissors



1.Fold a piece of Neon Color Explosion in half to create a card. Choose to make one of the designs shown or come up with your own ideas to fit your Dad’s personality or interests.

2.To make the shirt and tie card, use the markers to decorate the card with stripes, dots, or swirls to make a pattern on the “shirt”. Cut two triangles from another piece of paper to make the collar. Decorate the collar with markers to match the shirt. Use a glue stick to attach the collar to the shirt. Draw the tie on a different color paper. Decorate the tie with colorful designs. Use a glue stick to attach the tie to the shirt. Add a Father’s Day greeting inside the card like “There’s no tie, you are the best guy!”, “Number One Dad” or a message special to your family.

3.To make the owl card, draw an owl shape on the card. Cut out the shape but be careful not to cut the fold. Use pieces of Neon Color Explosion to make feathers, wings, eyes and a beak. Attach the features to the owl with a glue stick. Add colorful accents with the markers. Personalize the card with owl-inspired sayings like “Whooo’s the best Dad?”, “Happy Father’s Day from Owl of Us” or your own greeting. He will get a “hoot” out of your handiwork!


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