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Family Command Center


Make a DIY command center in your kitchen, office, or anywhere at home to keep schedules and tasks organized…plus, this Family Command Center wall setup is not only creative, but also customizable!



CRAYOLA Take Note Permanent Markers

CRAYOLA Take Note Dry Erase Markers


CRAYOLA Scissors

Picture Frames




1.Have an adult remove glass and backing from picture frame.

2.Draw directly on frame with permanent markers.

3.Repeat steps 1–2 for any additional frames.

4.Trim pieces of cardstock to fit frames.

5.To create an inspirational quote frame, use permanent marker and write “Quote of the Day” at the top of the cardstock.

6.To create a checklist frame, use permanent marker and write “To Do” at the top of the cardstock. Add check boxes down the left side margin.

7.To create a weekly planner, evenly space 8 rows down the length of the cardstock. Use permanent marker and write “Weekly Planner” in the top row. Create a column within the rows beneath to denote the day of the week.

8.Replace glass, place cardstock in frame, and replace backing.

9.Use dry erase markers to write on frames.

10.Display frames together on a wall to keep your command center organized!

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