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Use Crayola Markers on coffee filters and paper towels to create vibrant, customizable flowers to build a beautiful, festive decoration for the Fall season!


CRAYOLA Scissors
Coffee Filters
Decorative Leaves
CRAYOLA Paint Brush
CRAYOLA Chenille Stems
Paper Towels
Foam Wreath


1.Use CRAYOLA Washable Markers to color a design on coffee filters. Create enough to fill a wreath. Red, orange, yellow, and green are great color combinations for the fall season!

2.Fold the coffee filters over to create a triangle shape. Dip the tip of each folded coffee filter in a small amount of water. Watch as the color spreads and wicks! Unfold the filters and place them on a paper towel to dry. Another way to spread the color is to add water directly to the coffee filters with a paint brush.

3.While flowers are drying, wrap a foam circle wreath with black ribbon, or the fabric of your choice. Tape or pin down the ends so that your fabric stays put.

4.Once dried, set filters aside. Colors will have bled onto paper towel. Cut out each of the colorful designs on the dried paper towel to fit inside the filters. Feel free to mix and match colors from different flowers for color variety.

5.Fold your coffee filter and paper towel over and twist the bottom from the center to create the shape of the flower. Repeat to create all of your flowers.


TIP: When making the flower with the filter and dried paper towel, mix and match from different flower designs for color variety.


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