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Making this Fall Pumpkin Slime project is a fun craft to do with the kids…perfect for playdates and parties.


*ADULT SUPERVISION REQUIRED. When you’re crafting with little ones, keep an eye on the glitter, sequins, and pom-poms, since these may present a choking hazard. -When making slime, protect your work surface with wax (or palette) paper. You also may want to wear an apron (or other protective garment) to avoid slime-related accidents.


Your favorite slime recipe using Elmer’s Washable Clear School Glue, 5 oz.
*you can find tons of slime recipes at
Wax paper (or palette paper)
Orange metallic glitter
Green sequins
Craft pom-poms
Clear treat bags
Craft Smart Multi-Surface Premium Paint Pen by Creatology, Black
Eye stickers
Twist ties
Green chenille pipe cleaners
Airtight container (or re-sealable bag)
Creatology Jumbo Wood Craft Sticks


1.Start by finding your favorite clear glue slime recipe and follow the recipe’s instructions to make your slime. Your mix-ins will add plenty of color and fun, so you don’t need to add any food coloring to this slime (unless you want to).

TIP: You can find tons of slime recipes at  

2.Flatten out your slime on a piece of wax (or palette) paper and sprinkle on some of the metallic orange glitter. Fold the slime’s edges in toward the center to blend the glitter into the slime.

3.Repeat this technique to add a generous sprinkle of green sequins. Do the same to add your favorite colors of fall pom-poms, too. Continue folding and stretching until all the mix-ins are evenly distributed throughout the slime. Set your slime aside for a bit while you decorate your treat bag.

4.Just add a couple of cute eye stickers, then use your paint pen to draw a happy smile (or any other details you want to add) on the bottom half of the bag. Let the paint dry for a few minutes.

5.Next, place a handful or two of your slime into your treat bag, so that it’s filled about halfway. Use a twist tie to close your bag, then wrap a matching chenille stem around the bag’s neck so that it covers the twist tie. Wrap the chenille stem’s ends around a pencil to curl them like a
pumpkin vine.

TIP: If you plan to keep your slime for more than a few hours, be sure to store it in an airtight, sealable container (or a re-sealable plastic bag).


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