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Create a Fall Meltables Cupcake Topper to create fun and festive decorations for each of your holiday cupcakes.


Turkey and Pumpkin Templates (CLICK HERE)
Wilton Parchment Paper
Sweet Tooth Fairy Meltables, Chocolate
Sweet Tooth Fairy Meltables, Bright White
Sweet Sugarbelle Clear Piping Bags
Sweet Tooth Fairy Mini Eyes Candy Shapes
Sweet Tooth Fairy Meltables, Red
Sweet Tooth Fairy Meltables, Yellow
Sweet Tooth Fairy Meltables, Orange
Sweet Tooth Fairy Meltables, Dark Green
Sweet Tooth Fairy Crystal Sugar, Gold
Sweet Tooth Fairy Jimmies Sprinkles, 4oz., Orange
Sweet Tooth Fairy Red Sprinkle Mix, 4oz.
Favorite homemade or store-bought cupcakes
Sweet Tooth Fairy Buttercream Frosting, 16oz., White


1.Click here  to download and print the turkey and pumpkin traceable templates. Place the turkeys and pumpkins on separate baking sheets with parchment paper over the top, so you can trace.

2.Melt chocolate and bright white Meltables together to mix for the body of the turkey. Pour into a piping bag once melted at the right consistency and cut the tip of the piping to start filling in the body on the traceable turkey template.

3.Grab some mini eyes sprinkles and place on each turkey before the Meltables dry, then place in the fridge for 10 minutes to let set.

4.Once they have set up, remove the turkey body from the parchment paper and place them to the side.

5.Melt Meltables in Red, Yellow, Orange and Green separately and place them each individually in a piping bag and set them aside.

6.Start tracing the feathers, then place the turkey bodies on top.

7.With red Meltables, draw the waddle on the turkey, then with orange Meltables, pipe on the beak. Use chocolate Meltables and trace the feet.
TIP: Add some shimmer with Gold sprinkles to the feathers for a fun touch.

8.Place your turkeys in the fridge to set.

9.Use orange Meltables to trace the outlines of the pumpkin template. Place in the fridge to let set.

TIP: Use more pressure as you are tracing to make the pumpkins thicker and stronger.

10.Now, use your chocolate Meltables to trace the stem and green Meltables to pipe a cute little leaf onto the pumpkins; then place back in the fridge to set.

11.Pipe frosting onto your cupcakes and smooth out with a spatula.

12.Add some sprinkles and then place the turkey or pumpkin toppers on top of the frosting.


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