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These gold crowns are easy to make and are a festive accessory to wear at any New Year’s or birthday celebration.



3/4 5-6″ fabric trim

1 bottle fabric stiffener

1 bridal head headband

1 can gold paint

1 can gold glitter paint


Hot glue gun

Glue sticks



1.Measure and cut fabric trim to fit to the bridal headband.

2.Using hot glue, attach fabric trim to headband and glue ends by overlapping.

3.Hang crown upside down over paint can, or something that keeps in lying in place. Using paint brush, coat the fabric crown with fabric stiffener both inside and out. Ensure tips of fabric are laying flat.

4.Let dry; add three to four additional coats and let dry in between.

5.Once dry, using gold spray paint spray inside and out and let it dry.

6.Finish project by spray painting with glitter paint, adding light coat. Let dry.


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