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Make your own patches for backpacks, clothing, and other accessories. These custom iron on patches add a personal touch to your gear!


CRAYOLA Fabric Markers

Iron-On Fabric Patches


CRAYOLA Scissors

Ironing Board

Backpack, Clothing, or Accessories


On a patch, draw and color a vibrant design using fabric markers and permanent markers.

Cut out the patch design.

On an ironing board, place your accessory and position patch overtop.

Have an adult iron on the patch to set the color and adhere.

Follow the steps to make additional patches for the same accessory or other gear. Wear here, there, and everywhere!

Kids will need an adult when ironing. Adult assistance required.
Iron-on patch brands may vary. Refer to individual packaging for further instructions. Customize jeans, canvas sneakers, pencil bags, and more with DIY patches.


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