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Friends and family will be eye balling this cake.


Favorite cake mix or recipe

Creamy White Decorator Icing – 4lb tub

Black Icing Color

Black Jimmies

Black Sparkling Sugars

Candy Eyeballs Tackle Box

Piping Gel

Christmas Red Icing Color

Red-Red Icing Color


6″x 2″ Round Pan

Cooling Grid

9″ Angled Spatula


Disposable Decorating Bags

Star Decorating Tip 1M


1.Prepare your favorite cake batter recipe. Bake and cool three cake layers.
Level, fill, stack and crumb coat cake.

2.Tint icing. Mix 1/4 cup black jimmies and 1/4 cup black sugars together. Set aside.

3.Using Black icing color, tint 1 cup icing black. Using spatula, ice 2 1/2″ band around middle of cake.

4.Immediately cover black band with sugar and jimmies mix. Reserve remaining black icing for later step.

5.Ice cake. Prepare decorating bag with white buttercream. Cut 1/2″ off tip of bag.

6.Pipe icing around bottom half of cake, following outline of black band. Using spatula, smooth icing. Repeat on top half of cake.

7.Add eyeballs. Using remaining black icing, attach candy eyeballs to black band of cake.

8.Decorate cake. Using Christmas Red and Red-Red icing colors, tint 1/2 cup piping gel red.

9.Prepare decorating bag with red piping gel. Cut 1/4″ off tip of bag. Pipe gel along top and bottom edge of white buttercream.

10.Prepare decorating bag with tip 1M and reserved black icing. Pipe small swirls around top edge of cake.


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