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Emoji Easter Eggs



Give your plastic Easter eggs a little personality with these easy-to-make Emoji designs. Great for gifts or to keep on display year-round.


White plastic eggs

Beacon felt glue

Blue felt sheet

Red felt sheet

Yellow acrylic paint



Black SHARPIE marker

Pen or pencil

Wire or wooden skewer (for drying egg)

Foam core board or floral foam



1.Add a coat of yellow paint to your egg and let it dry.

2.Place a cut piece of wire, or wooden skewer, inside the bottom of the egg (this will let you paint the bottom of the egg). Add a second coat of paint and let it dry by placing the wire or skewer into foam core board or floral foam.

3.Use a pencil, or pen, to draw 2 small hearts on the red felt.

Step 4: Cut out the hearts.

Step 5: Add Beacon felt glue to the back of the felt hearts and adhere them to the center of the egg.

Step 6: Use a SHARPIE to draw a mouth shape under the felt heart eyes.


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