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Easy Marquee DIY


Patriotic Marquee



Metal marquee letters
Old picture frame (that will fit marquee letters)
Paint (for stripes)
Painter’s tape
Hammer & nails



1.Remove the cardboard backing from the picture frame. If the back is flimsy, replace with one that will hold up and be firm. Using painter’s tape, tape straight lines down the picture frame back. If needed, a level with laser can help ensure straight tape lines.

2.Paint in between the tape to make stripes, making sure to use smooth, even strokes. Allow to dry completely.

3.Apply the painters tape along the edges of the previous painted lines, and using a coordinating paint color, paint in between your previous stripes. Allow to fully dry, and carefully remove the tape.

4.Reframe the striped frame back.

5.Place the marquee letters on top of your picture frame, and mark where the back hangers are with a pencil. Use a ruler for precise markings. Gently hammer the small nails into the frame back where the markings are. Hang the letters.


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