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Grab your sewing machine and whip up an easy dog bandana. Get creative with different patterns of flannel to make an entire collection.


3/4 yard plaid flannel

Fabric scissors


Basic sewing supplies

Sewing machine




1.Cut a 22” X 22” square from the plaid flannel.

2.Fold square in half diagonally, right sides together, to make a triangle shape.

3.Pin along the unfinished edges, through both layers.

4.Sew along the two sides using 1/4” seam allowance. Leave an opening about

3” in length in the center of one side.

5.Clip seam allowance at points to reduce bulk.

6.Turn bandana right sides out and press flat.

7.At the opening left for turning, turn in seam allowances and pin. Top stitch around edges of bandana.


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