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Make easy, delicious treats festive with SWEET TOOTH FAIRY MELTABLES and sprinkles….even the kiddos can get in on the fun to create their own tasty kabobs.


Favorite Bite-Sized Treats (brownies, bars, marshmallows, crisped treats)

SWEET TOOTH FAIRY Meltables, Lavender

SWEET TOOTH FAIRY Meltables, Turquoise


SWEET TOOTH FAIRY Egg Hunt Sprinkles

SWEET TOOTH FAIRY Speckled Sprinkles

SWEET TOOTH FAIRY Eggcellent Sprinkles

SWEET TOOTH FAIRY Happy Spring Sprinkles

SWEET TOOTH FAIRY Easter Sprinkle Box



WILTON Parchment Paper

Kensington Cookie Sheet by CELEBRATE IT

Bamboo Skewers

Kitchen Knife

Cutting Board



1.Make, or buy, several of your favorite treats to put on your kabobs, such as rice cereal treats, brownie bites, donut holes, and fun marshmallows

2.Cut all of your treats into bite-sized portions, if not already bite-sized.

3.Microwave your MELTABLES at 50% power, or defrost setting, for 1 minute; stir thoroughly. Continue to microwave and stir at 30 second intervals, until smooth and completely melted.

4.Place parchment paper onto a cookie sheet. Dip treats into melted candy. Lay on cookie sheet to harden.
TIP: Dip the treats fully into the melted candy to cover the entire treat, or just partly so that some of it is exposed.

5.Drizzle melted candy across some of your treats in a zig zag, or circular pattern, to make fun designs.

6.Add sprinkles to your treats before the melted candy hardens.

7.ASSEMBLE YOUR KABOBS: Simply slide treats onto the skewers and make sure to add different treats on each skewer for presentation.


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