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Easter Fairy Garden in Ceramic Egg



Create a magical fairy garden right in your own house…a wonderful spring project.


Ceramic Easter Egg container

Floral foam

Bag pink dry grass

Metal egg banner

Small resin Easter bunny

Resin egg nest

Moss mat

2 resin bunnies

Resin sheep

3 resin flower stakes

4 basic LITTLES egg balloon picks

Hot glue and sticks



1.Cut and insert foam so that it reaches the top of the egg container, but no higher. Glue the foam to the container.

2.Insert the pink dry grass all around the floral foam along the insides of the container.

3.Cover the top of the foam with the moss mat. Glue to adhere if necessary.

4.Position the LITTLES in desired locations around foam. Glue to adhere to the moss mat and foam.


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