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Create DIY Easter Egg Ornaments out of Model Magic…perfect for hanging on an Easter tree, or anywhere around the house for some extra holiday fun!


CRAYOLA Model Magic


CRAYOLA Scissors

Paper Clips

CRAYOLA Model Magic Shape ’N Cut Tools

CRAYOLA Glitter Glue

Cookie Cutter




1.Using Shape ’N Cut tools, roll out Model Magic about 1/2” thick on a smooth, flat surface.

2.Use an egg-shaped cookie cutter to create ornaments on the Model Magic.

3.Experiment by twisting Model Magic colors together for a marbleized look, or adding

small Model Magic dots to your eggs.

4.Have an adult create a small hole close to the top of your egg shape with a paper clip.

5.Once the ornament has dried overnight, decorate with markers and glitter glue.

6.Cut a piece of string, loop it through the hole in the ornament, and tie a knot using both ends of the string.

7.Hang your Easter Egg Ornaments around your home or on your Easter tree!


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