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Easter Cookies with Candy



These fancy little cookies are easy to make and are sure to impress your Easter dinner guests!


Preferred packaged cookies

CANDY MELTS, various colors

Easter Candy molds

Dipping tools

Icing bags

Royal icing, optional



1.FOR DIPPED COOKIES: Melt CANDY MELTS following directions on package. Dip cookies into CANDY MELTS, cover completely, and let excess drip before placing on cooling rack or parchment paper.

2.FOR CANDY MELT MOLDS: Melt Candy Melts following directions on package. Use clean and dry molds, pour candy melt into mold 3/4 from the top. Tap gently to remove air bubbles. Once candy has set, remove from mold. Use royal icing or CANDY MELTS to attach desired candies to cookies.


TIP: Green royal icing works well to attach candy to cookie as well as create the look of grass.


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