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Easter Bunny Ears Headband



This cute little headband is fun for any kiddo to wear on Easter Day, to a party, or the neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt.


Zucker Feather Products White Marabou Boa

9″ x 12″ white felt

9″ x 12″ light pink felt

Pipe cleaners

White fabric or white plastic headband

Hot glue gun & glue sticks





1.Hot glue the pink felt sheet on top of the white felt sheet.

2.Measure and cut two 8″ x 3″ felt rectangles.

3.Cut oval shapes out of each rectangle. These are the two ears.

4.Hot glue pipe cleaner around the edge of each oval, pink side facing up, all the way around.

5.Hot glue the white marabou boa around each oval, all the way around, on top of the pipe cleaner. There is a cord in the middle of the boa. Pull the feathers back and cut the cord at the needed length for each oval.

6.On the end of each oval bunny ear, bend 1/2″ up 90 degrees. Hot glue each bent lip to the top of the white headband.

7.Hot glue white marabou boa on top of the white headband from end to end.


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